what we do.

Our team can imagine it, create it, capture it, perfect it, and make it work for you. 

We are a small passionate team producing engaging content in all areas based out of Newcastle, Australia.


visualise, capture, create.

With many years experience specialising in both still Imagery & Videography East Media has worked close with many different Company's, Individuals, Arts & Brands helping each client capture & bring their visions to life through a streamline creation process.


We understand that having the right content is crucial, we work close with clients to ensure their vision is created through a passionate & exciting experience.

Fresh new content created by us might be just what your business, brand or self needs.


Don't just dream big, create big, there is nothing we can't do!

Businesses, Brands or Individual we have you sorted.

Think about all the potential your business could gain just from the encounter of an engaging video.

Enquire or Book your Appointment now.


real estate.

advertising campaigns.

meet the team.

Jye Currie

Meet our Founder & Creative Director, Jye Currie.
With a Bachelor of Communication Majoring in Media Production & now undertaking an Honours in Film Jye continues to adapt, grow and share his passion with the world.

Energetically motivated Jye puts his love, passion and creativity into the operations of East Media. 

Isobel MacLean

Meet our fabulous editor, Isobel.

With a Bachelor of Communication Majoring in Media Production along with many years of experience Isobel continues to create engaging work through her editing.

Nic Taylor

Meet our Production Assistant, Nic.

Nic completed a Bachelor of Communication Majoring in Media Production at the University of Newcastle.

Assisting the production from start to end.  

Zac Woodward

Meet Zac.

Zac specialises in all Real Estate & Commercial Floor plans.

Whether you are marketing your family home or presenting a measure within you marketing package, Zac take's care of all the plans. 


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