This image is the first on two images that I captured within moments of one another.

As I gave some money to this homeless lady who has spent her life living one the streets of a thrid-world country I captured this image.


The second image is featured as a 1/1 (it is her response as she looks up at me after receiving this gift).


Location: Kathmandu, Nepal
Year Captuerd: 2019


This orginal, Jye Currie print will be the talking feature of your house!

With your choice of coloured framing, allows you to create the perfect atmosphere within your home.


  • Printing

All Images are printed on high quality photo paper with eirther Metallic, Fine Art, Matte or a Luster finish - paper will depend on the image.


  • Framing

Framed images are presented within a 2-3 inch white or black matte border and 1.25 inch solid frame. Framed prints are fitted with protective glass and are ready to hang.

Act of Kindness

  • All Images are printed on high quality paper with a life expectancies upto 400 years.

    Note* Paper will vary per image: this will ensure that the quailty of each image will be showcased in its highest form.