They say an image can say a thousand words. 
What words do you see when you look at this?

I see, 
An almost blind lady living on the streets. 
I see a hungry lady not knowing when or where her next meal is coming from. 
I see a small glimpse, just the smallest insight of what it is actually like to spend your precious life here on the streets (and of that a third world country).

However, most importantly. I see strength! 

This is just the first few words that I see when I look at this image. 
Be thankful for what you have. 

I captured this image in Nepal earlier this year, since then I have been fascinated with the idea of capturing the most unique and special faces from around the world. My hope is to not only capture but share these faces with as many people around the globe as possible!


When this piece of art hangs within your home, I hope that you too will understand the amount of strength that each of us holds within. 


Print Name: EKA MAHILA

Print Size: W- 28 x H- 17.5 cm

Location & Date: Kathmandu, Nepal: 2019

Medium: Fine Art Paper

Frame: Black Timber

Print Edition: 2/5 (Certified)

Eka Mahil

  • All Images are printed on high quality paper with a life expectancies upto 400 years.

  • Visible watermarks will NOT show up on your print.