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The purchase of this image is more than a purchase of a print.



This is the beginning of a new movement. 


It is important to understand the usual process in which is commonly undertaken when particular 'Jye Currie' prints sell. When an original ‘Jye Currie’ print is sold it is common that Jye sends a percentage of each sale back to those who are either featured in the photo or to the local community in which the image was captured.

For this image the usual process will be undertaken as mentioned above.

Profits from this print will be given to this strong woman (featured within this image) who finds herself living on the streets of, Nepal.


However, Jye has decided to make this particular process more so interesting by further sharing this whole process and specifically this woman’s story with the world via documentary.


50% of this print will be given to the lady and her local community, while the other 50% will be used to make a ‘Feature Documentary’ of the entire journey and process that will unfold through-out this expedition. Jye will travel back to Nepal inquest to complete this mission, showcasing this woman’s life.


The documentary will be produced as a full-length feature world travel documentary exposing the conditions in which particulars humans (or as Jye likes to recognise them as “souls”) live through on this planet. This will all be captured in a feel-good manner that will motivate and inspire many individuals around the world. Furthermore, the purchaser of this print will be recognised as the funder of this documentary and will have the opportunity (if they wish) to feature within the documentary as well.


If you would like to ask any further questions about this opportunity please contact, Jye personally at info@jyecurrie.com


1/1 edition:

I strongly believe that no one, except myself would be able to capture the raw emotion displayed within this image. Furthermore, I have provided above the reason why this image has been chosen to be featured as a ‘one off’.


Print Name: EKA MAHILA

Print Size: W- 80 x H- 50 cm

Location & Date: Kathmandu, Nepal: 2019

Medium: Fine Art Paper

Frame: Black Timber

Print Edition: 1/1 (Certified)


  • All Images are printed on high quality paper with a life expectancies upto 400 years.

  • Visible watermarks will NOT show up on your print.