On a mission trip through Turkana, Kenya with charity “The Africa Solution” our journey transformed dramatically almost instantly. My goal on this trip was to capture and expose the conditions in which the local people life through daily.


Upon arriving in the region of Turkana we were informed that every night for the past three weeks cars had been hijacked, and villages were attacked. The local people refer to those committing these acts as, Bandits. These acts resulted in many women being raped, men castrated and furthermore, killed.


We spent the night locked in a compound listening to more of these events unfold overnight, the next morning we ventured a deeper 4 hours into the famine corridor, still with the intent to provided food to those in need. Unfortunately, due to flash floods our car became bogged, as we were then stuck in the depths of this unsafe area with night rushing over us, we decided it was best to abandon our car.


Due to our safely being highly at risk it was decided to get a driver along with two gunmen to escort us out, this would later take several hours. While waiting for the driver & gunmen to arrive, knowing the journey we had to make ahead, I was convinced we would not reach home, alive.


The smile this lady shares while living in such harsh conditions is truly powerful and should be spread across the world.


Remember to Smile.


Awards: Ashrei Art Prize 2018 | 1st Place "Spiritually Connected" Category

Location: Lockichar, Kenya
Year Captuerd: 2018


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