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The Mission

Our philosophy in regards to wedding videography is to leave the smallest footprint possible, allowing for natural moments to be captured. We understands how daunting or awkward it may feel to be on camera. With this we set out to capture the most pure moments and convert them into timeless memories with an authenticity that will be relived and cherished forever.

The vibe of each film is a reflection of you as a couple showcasing your personality as one. This is how Jye and his team create each video for you to look back at in appreciation of such a blissful, fleeting moment. To not only remember but to relive what it felt like to be you on that day.

There's just no better way than videography, to capture the energy of your wedding day. Your energy has a signature all of its own and remember that your story is yours alone. No one else has experienced it the way you have. And for that reason alone, our mission to capture these moments properly, with artistic expression and emotional connection to match the real you. 

We're excited to meet you and hear all about your story. You couldn't possibly share too many details as they are, quite literally the foundational elements which compose your relationship. To do your relationship justice, with a video to match the couple, we need to know as much as we can! We're not interested in throwing together random images throughout the day into a simple montage with a beat, but rather to identify energy and storyline, through editing which encapsulates the real You.


You are the Bride. You are the Groom. This is your story, and it deserves this moment. You deserve to remember it. It's why you're getting married, and it's why we're so excited to film your wedding!

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