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Jye Currie

Globally recognised creative Jye Currie,

is an accomplished film maker & photographer  living every moment to its fullest. 


Traveling through life to pursue his love of, sharing his art with the world. While capturing the most unique and blissful moments that Earth has to offer, Jye inspires humans to consider their relationship with life.

Layered by travel, portraits, outdoors, surf, adventure and lifestyle focuses. Jye is known for images that are distinctive, untamed & powerful. Through his work, Jye strives to share his vision of life with the world, and to inspire them to explore it for themselves. 

His visionary perspective has earned him opportunities to work on global projects, design product lines, educate and voice the next generation.


Along with his team, Jye is based out of his production studio which is situated in the beautiful city of Newcastle (his hometown) located on the east coast of Australia. 


At the age of 26, Jye has established himself as a global presence and influencer.


Jye's work has been showcased through-out the world collecting some awards along the way.


Australian Photography Awards 2019 | Highly Commended Finalists "Portrait" Category  

Your Barrington Coast 2019 | 1st Place "Overall"

Oceanic Emerging Photographer 2019 | 1st Place "Portraits of 2019" Category

Ashrei Art Prize 2018 | 1st Place "Spiritually Connected" Category

John Coxon Awards 2018 | 1st Place "Overall"

John Coxon Awards 2018 | 1st Place "Aspiring Portrait" Category

Stomping Ground 2017 | 1st, 2nd & 3rd Place International

Moran Prize 2009 | Internationally Showcased


Independent Sporting FilmMakers 2019 |1st Place "Short Documentary 2019"

Festival X 2018 |1st Place "Best Documentary 2018"

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