You Are Art!
Personally feature in your own 
Art Work

Jye Believes,

We are both Love and Art in the form that has be referred to as 'Humans'.

We all have the capability of producing Art,

However, Jye challenges you to look beyond this and recognise that you are the, art!

With this suggestion, Jye has created a new experience when it comes to purchasing art. This new experience brings with it, a whole new meaning embedded within the artwork that will feature within your home for years to come.

Purchasing art is more than 'buying a print' it's buying a connection, emotion or even love. However, we all want something unique, something that represents us as individuals! And what better way to reflect this than to, personally be 


Nothing screams "Value" more than an item that is only produced once.

You will be the only person ever to own this unique piece of work!

All featuring as
a 1/1 Prints.

The owners of these images (displayed on this page) are in them.

Lets makes art.
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